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Hello, I’m Erick Lorini...

… I help small business, entrepreneurs and non-profits to market their brand online using the latest techniques of web design.

About me
code-writing MONKEY, tech passionate, HUSBAND, BROTHER, UNCLE, CAT LOVER...

I’m an Engineer & Entrepreneur!

Web Design & IT Consulting

I design superb mobile-friendly websites using the latest web design trends and techniques. I specialize in guiding small businesses, entrepreneurs and non-profits on how to use information technology effectively.

Remote Collaboration

I perform all my business operations on the internet. From communication to project management, everything happens online.

Use your smartphone or computer to collaborate with me to achieve the goals of your online marketing strategy. Track the progress of your web design project in real time.

Designing the Web with WordPress

I’m an advocate of open-source. I trust successful open-source technologies like WordPress, Drupal, Joomla! and WooCommerce. I also read and write PHP, HTML and CSS.

I'm an expert in Web Design and Information Technology

I have experience with:

I'm located at South Padre Island, Texas. Please use the form below to contact me and receive free web design & IT consulting

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