Web Design: Secure Financial Plus

Client: Secure Financial Plus Location: Brownsville, Texas Project: Web Design using WordPress

Secure Plus Financial Responsive Showcase

The goal of the project was to rebrand the online presence of my client. The previous website was not revealing the true values of my client’s business.

I performed an analysis of my client’s target market to collect relevant characteristics and behaviors . The analysis contains concepts such as demographics, that influence the decisions I make in the planning process of a website.

I used the analysis to choose the elements of the website such as colors, images, and content. The content was rewritten and curated using techniques of SEO.

An important design feature of this website is the facility for users to provide their information based on the service they are looking for. The website contains three different contact forms to collect information.

The website contains a responsive core to display properly on most mobile devices. This feature also helps the website rank on mobiles searches. Google boosts the ranking of mobile-friendly websites that do not need tapping or zooming to navigate the content.

Secure Plus Financial Website Screenshot